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We Treat

Arthritis (संधिवात) | top physiotherapists in pune

Arthritis (संधिवात)

Back Pain (पाठदुखी) | best physiotherapy clinic in pune

Back Pain (पाठदुखी)

Neck Pain (मान दुखी) | top physiotherapy clinic in pune

Neck Pain (मान दुखी)

Knee Pain (गुडघा दुखी) | physiotherapy clinic in pune

Knee Pain (गुडघा दुखी)

heel pain | physiotherapists in pune

Heel Pain (टाच दुखी)

Frozen Shoulder Pain (खांदा दुखी) | best physiotherapists in pune

Frozen Shoulder Pain (खांदा दुखी)

Cerebral Palsy | best physiotherapy clinic in pune

Cerebral Palsy

Sport Injury (खेळताना झालेली दुखापत) | best sport injury physiotherapy clinic in pune

Sport Injury (खेळताना झालेली दुखापत)

Geriatric Physiotherapy best geriatric physiotherapist in pune

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Disc Prolapse (मनक्याचा आजार) | best physiotherapist in pune

Disc Prolapse (मनक्याचा आजार)

Post Surgery Rehabilitation (शस्त्रक्रियेनंतरचे पुनर्वसन) | physiotherapy clinic in pune

Post Surgery Rehabilitation (शस्त्रक्रियेनंतरचे पुनर्वसन)

Paralysis (अर्धांगवायू) Physiotherapy treatment in pune

Paralysis (अर्धांगवायू)

Welcome To FitWell Physiotherapy Clinic

FitWell Physiotherapy Clinic offers our clients a clean and well-equipped clinic staffed with friendly and knowledgeable physiotherapists who are professional and dedicated to their work. We offer a full range of assessments and understand that early physiotherapy intervention is key and leads to shorter recovery times, helping our clients return to their everyday lives. We are extremely proud of our excellent reputation and we always take the health and safety concerns of our clients very seriously. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and discussing your personal goals to get you moving again.

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Our Facilities

Women's Health

Prenatal/Postnatal Classes
Pregnancy Classes
Post Delivery Muscle Toning
Pelvic Floor Weakness
Soft Tissue Injury
Relaxation Yoga

Therapy Provided

Electro & Exercise Therapy
Joints Mobilization
Lifestyle Management
Geriatric & Pediatric PT
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Rehabilitation Program
General Fitness & Wellness Classes
Ergonomics Classes

suffering from daily pain contact us best physiotherapy clinic in pune

Orthopedic & Neurological Rehabilitation

Low Back Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Other Ortho Or Neuro Disorders

Pain Conditions & Sports Injuries We Treat It All

Our Physiotherapist has been providing Physiotherapy in Pune to a countless number of patients. At FitWell Physiotherapy Clinic, we can provide a more conservative approach to treating your pain for the shoulder, lower back, spine etc.

Advantages Of FitWell

Working with us means you get a better balance for life and work comfortably with working hours.

When patients have unlimited access to low-cost physiotherapy, it creates the opportunity for truly lasting health improvements.

Limited paperwork. No patient billing. No quotas. We give physiotherapy professionals the time and space to actually know and care for patients.

We’re a growing, innovative company that’s disrupting the status quo – and you can, too. Your ideas matter here.

What Our Patients Say

Best Physio treatment in pune 🙂
Very helpful and professional clinic
Shivmohan Purohit
Shivmohan Purohit
I am a Professor ,Due to bike riding & Seating posture I was suffering from severe pain in my neck and hand for last 3 years. I have undergone the treatment for 15-20 days with Fitwell Physiotherapy Clinic under Dr. Shubhangi . Now I am completely fine. I strongly recommend her "Fitwell Physiotherapy Clinic/Center-Keshav Nagar, Pune" for any kind of Physiotherapy. She is very professional Physiotherapist and has all required equipment for the treatment. I would recommend everyone who suffer from such pain must take the treatment from here, it will help you to get relief from your pain.
Tanmoy Goswami
Tanmoy Goswami
Best physiotherapy clinic in pune
Encouraging wellness and prevention helps to improve quality of life. All a person needs is a doctor to help point him in the right direction. Thanks to Dr Shubhangi and Dr Richa to help me recover from knee problem . Proper follow up, timely feedback, jolly nature there are many things to appreciate. It's not always the medical treatment that heals a parson but also the moral support and confidence shown by doctor. Being very jolly and confident in nature both of them are doing a great work. The only thing we should have is patience. I went through few sessions and now results are reflecting. So attend your sessions properly and wait for few sessions to get a better result and later even you will appreciate them. Once Again Thank you Dr Shubhangi And Dr Richa.
Ganesh Bhawar
Ganesh Bhawar
Nice experience and very well trated by both
Karan Jagtap
Karan Jagtap
One of the best physiotherapy center ever visited. Special thanks to Dr Shubhangi. I recovered from my saviour back pain within a week.
vijaykumar vakkund
vijaykumar vakkund
Chinmay Gogate
Chinmay Gogate
Best kind of treatment I ever got... Friendly relations maintained with patience... I got recover in a month just cause of uh... Thank you so much ma'am... It wouldn't have been possible without you...??
Siddhi Gophane
Siddhi Gophane
Best physiotherapy clinic in my opinion. Happy with doctors friendliness & treatment is very effective and explanation of health issue. The treatment given me for shoulder dislocation veev good, effective and the results are very satisfactory. I strongly recommend this clinic to everyone who need physiotherapy care.thank you so much for whole team
The Planeteers
The Planeteers

Our Physiotherapist

physiotherapist in keshav nagar & kharadi

Dr. Richa Purohit

Physiotherapist (B.P.Th, M.P.Th, M.I.A.P Bhopal)

physiotherapist in keshav nagar & kharadi

Dr. Shubhangi Jawale

Physiotherapist (B.P.Th, M.I.A.P. Pune)

Best Equipped Physiotherapy Clinic

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