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Well being Greetings from FitWell Physiotherapists Dr. Richa and Dr. Shubhangi

As you are aware that India holds 2nd rank as a country of youth in the world and by 2030 India will be No. 1.

As the key decision maker of your Company who is fulfilling the responsibility in the Growth of this country with your business expansion, we thought that you would be also interested in giving your full support that by 2030 India will also be considered as a Healthy and Wellbeing Country of Youth.

As Doctors, our concerns are the increment of Physical, Mental and Emotional health issues in most of the industries due to work pressure and long sitting or standing hours.

Teachers’ and Employee’s productivity in the long run is at stake because we have found many patients coming to us with various Ergonomic issues such as knee pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, etc.

With that, we also found that the issue is not just physical anymore but it has triggered to evoke mental and emotional health issues such as Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Distraction, Fear, Anger, etc.

Even the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine published an article by Dr. A Banerjee, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Pune in Jan 2019 says,

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