FitWell Health Camp 2019

When you decide to enter this world, ‘healthcare’, where you have to deal with real-life problems, you have to extra careful.  You connect with people in their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

So we have decided to pay back to society. And hence we, Team FitWell, came up with a small initiative.

An Exclusive Physiotherapy and Psychology Awareness Health Camp was conducted on Sunday 15th Dec 2019, 11:00 am, at Fortune East Society Clubhouse, Kharadi, Pune.

The camp was conducted by a group of enthusiastic Healthcare Professionals, Dr. Rakhi Purohit ( psychologist), Dr. Shubhangi Jawale & Dr. Richa Purohit ( Physiotherapist) 

The camp started with the inauguration by well-known respectable Society Chairman Sir Mr. S.K. Thorat and Society Secretary Mr. M B Deshmane. Special thanks to Mr. Shyam Purohit for providing helping hands throughout the event.

The camp succeeded in creating awareness and promoting adage of ‘Exercise over pills’.
The response to the camp was way beyond expectations. 

Camp Highlights:- Active interaction with the participants, Explanation of common physical and mental health disorders of all age groups, live demonstration of basic exercises, followed by appropriate treatment plan which included exercise protocols and modalities as required, stress and anxiety-related symptoms and queries. 

The camp ended on a good note at 2 pm with the felicitation of all the volunteers. The main aim of the camp was to create awareness of physiotherapy and Psychology treatment in preventing and curing many ailments. 

People went home with a message that medicines may cure most of the problems, but with exercises and timely counseling, they will improve their quality of life.

We made them understand being healthy is very important. And it

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